Why Modfin?

Why did we create ModFin?

We understand the complexities of creative and purpose-led businesses. 

Our experience tells us that:

  • You all have multiple lines of business, and sole traders often have a ‘portfolio practice’ with half a dozen things going on
  • Existing business modelling tools don’t cope well with this level of complexity and assume that you do one thing well
  • Managing the cash in a ‘portfolio’ business is tricky, as is making good data based decisions
  • Unless you’re an accountant, keeping track of what makes money and what doesn’t is also a bit of a challenge!

Our Mission

We are Ellen O’Hara and Gill Thewlis

We’ve supported over 500 creative, cultural and purpose-led people, businesses and organisations over the last 25 years.

Our mission is to help creative and purpose led people and organisations to become better businesses so they can make more impact.

We bring:

  • Passion for the creative and cultural sector and strong belief in its value to a healthy and prosperous society
  • Strong educational underpinnings in Economics and Business Administration
  • Commercial foundations in consulting and banking / financial services
  • Industry specific experience from working with hundreds of creative, cultural ad purpose led businesses in the last 20 years
  • Abilities to cut through complexity and reflect it back with clarity
  • Strategic and entrepreneurial mindsets, able to dig down into the detail when needed
  • Keen ability to balance creative and social mission business models with well managed approaches to money – always with sustainability and resilience in mind

Who we are

Our clients include:

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