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You might be a creative commercial company with a strong profit focus, a publicly funded arts organisation, or a social enterprise who needs to:

  • build a more financially sustainable business
  • pivot to a new model in response to a short sharp shock and change of circumstance
  • take a more strategic approach to growing impact

To date we’ve, using ModFin, we’ve worked with over 150 organisations in both England and Germany.

We offer

A comprehensive strategic review and planning process over a period of 3 – 6 months, according to your need;

  • Visualising and interrogating your existing model to identify the strengths, weaknesses and opportuniies for development
  • Interrogating your underpinning financial models, looking at where the profits are and how cash flows through the business
  • Building your vision, intended future business models and future success factors
  • Creating comprehensive pragmatic scenario plans to realise that vision
  • Aligning your financial and non financial impact measurement to your model
  • Coaching for your leadership team

Please get in touch for a no-obligation conversation about how ModFin can support you in your business planning for the medium term

We also offer The ModFin System on a workshop basis as part of business support programmes offered to the arts and heritage sectors.  Current free programmes to access our support include:

Heritage Compass – a business support programme funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and DCMS and operated in partnership between Cause4, Creative United and Art Marketing Association, designed to grow resilience and invigorate the heritage sector across England

Previous programmes include:

Business Development for Success – Leading Innovation and Change in the Film and TV Industry, for Eric Pommer Institut GMBH,

Prosper North, an Arts Council funded programme operated by Creative United supporting 80 arts and heritage organisations in the North of England

Rebuilding Heritage, coordinated by the Heritage Alliance and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund this programme was designed to support the heritage sector, in its broadest sense, in its response to the Covid-19 crisis by helping organisations and businesses address their immediate challenges and transition to recovery

It gave us a clear and strong process for analysing and assessing how our business is currently configured, as as to provide a really robust basis for change in the right direction and then how we reconfigure it to make it more sustainable in the future.

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